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This article is about the current version of Mystcraft.

Grammar and Stable Writing

In order to better control the results of your writing, you will need to understand the Grammar. It’s best to plan out what kind of world you want in advance and make sure you satisfy as much of the grammar as possible.

Incomplete age descriptions will be parsed by the universe (following the grammar) and then further expanded. This is similar to if you provided the words "red" "dog" "ball" and a sentence generator expanded it to "The red dog plays with the ball". The grammar expansion is random, and may form different expansions: "The red car narrowly missed the dog chasing the green ball" is an equally valid expansion. These expansions are done similar to sentence tree structures.

The more detail provided initially, the less the universe will inject new variations to what has been written. Writing "The red dog plays with the ball" leaves far fewer options for expansion; usually the remaining expansions take the form of modifiers. "The big, red dog plays with the ball" or "The red dog plays with the ball in the yard" would be valid expansions of the English sentence.

Making mistakes, including conflicting or paradoxical passages, or attempting to write an Age with overabundant resources or advantages will result in an Age with Instability. Additionally, if the grammar is unsatisfied, symbols may be added to the age which may add instability.

Modifier Pages come before the Modified Page in the symbol order; similar to Adjectives and Nouns in English.

  • "This is a Red Ball." is correct, whereas "This is a Ball Red." would be grammatically incorrect.

Standard Age

A "Standard Age" layout and recommend page order example is given below. For ease of identifying which pages modify others, Modifier Pages will be in Italics, Modified Pages shown in Bold and finally pages that both Modify and can be Modified will be in both Bold and Italics. They will also be placed in the order that they should appear with proper grammar usage (Left to Right, pages on the previous line should come before the next line):

Link Panel

Link Panel Page,

  • (May have additional properties added via the Ink Mixer)

Terrain and World Type

Biome PagesBiome Distribution Page

Block Page(Solid) ➡ Block Page(Fluid) or No Seas PageWorld Landscape Page


Weather Page or No Weather Page


Lighting Page


(Optional: Color PagesSunset Color Page)

Length Pages, Direction Pages, Phase Pages,Normal Sun,

  • (If no Sun, replace entire with Dark Sun)

(Optional: Color PagesSunset Color Page)

Length Pages, Direction Pages, Phase Pages,Normal Moon,

  • (If no Moon, replace line with Dark Moon)

(Optional: Length and Direction Pages)

Color PagesStar Page

  • (If no stars, replace line with Dark Stars)


Color PagesSky Color

  • (Or replace line with Natural Sky Color)

Color PagesNight Sky Color

  • (For Default Night Sky, use Black Color)

Color PagesFog Color

  • (Or replace line with Natural Fog Color)

Color PagesCloud Color

  • (Or replace line with Natural Cloud Color)

Color PagesWater Color

  • (Or replace line with Natural Water Color)

Color PagesFoliage Color

  • (Or replace line with Natural Foliage Color)

Color PagesGrass Color

  • (Or replace line with Natural Grass Color)

(Optional: Boundless Sky and/or Rainbow Pages)

World Features and Structures

Large Feature, Medium Feature, Small Feature,

  • (Or replace with Lacking X Feature, however Lacking Small/Meduim Features will result in some instability)
    • Features will sometimes accept Block Pages to generate the material, Floating Islands also accepts a Biome Page. For these cases, use the format below:

Block PageFeature Page

Block Page, Biome Page ➡ Floating Islands Page


All effects are optional. Lightning accepts Color Modifiers.

Clear Modifiers Page
Clear Modifiers is optional but reduces the chances of the age being violently unstable due to unused modifiers. It generates a small amount of instability for every “dangling” or “unused” Modifier page it accepts. This can be used as a “safety net” at the end of complex passages to clear all modifiers if you are unsure of your grammar.

In practice, unused modifiers are assigned usages by the grammar, so there are rarely unused modifiers by the time this symbol is applied.


"Gradient" is an optional page that can be used to change Sunset, Stars, Sky, Night Sky, Fog, and Cloud color, and have them shift between colors over a certain length of time.

Example format with three alternating colors in the sky:

Color Pages, Length PagesGradient Page (Color 1) ➡

Color Pages, Length PagesGradient Page (Color 2) ➡

Color Pages, Length PagesGradient Page (Color 3) ➡ Sky Color Page

Length determines how long a color will last before it's completely faded to the next color, and color page mixing are standard Mystcraft rules. You must have at least two colors to alternate between but you may add as many as needed.

  • Length seems to be half as long as Celestial lengths for gradients, if you wanted to sync a color shift to a celestial, you can include the same Length pages for both.
    • (Example: 'Red Color, Full LengthGradient Page would sync to a Celestial also using only "Full Length" for it's movement.)

Additional Notes

  • "Replace line" in the above example means "Remove that page and all its modifier pages, the replacement page accepts 0 modifiers"
  • Additional Celestials, Features and Effects can be added, as long as they remain in the correct format.
  • Native Biome Distribution, Natural X Color pages, and Dark Celestials accept 0 modifiers.
  • Any optional sections you decide to leave out may be randomized for you, the Grammar will not be satisfied for those sections, the more specific you are the less is left to chance.
    • For an age to be “stable” it must use no pages that generate base instability, and must not have excessive ores in the ground (compared to the overworld).
      • It is common to have “pseudo-stable” ages with some instability, but not enough for world-destroying effects. This can happen just by adding glowstone (for example) to an overworld-like age, as glowstone is not a normal resource in the overworld.
      • An age an be made "more stable" by adding pages that reduce instability. For example, an age with "Charged" will have lighting strikes, but will have less instability.
  • Effects will not be added randomly unless the age is unstable due to either greedy pages like "Accelerated", or grammar errors, or excessive ores/fluids in the ground.
    • There are pages that will add instability, anything that adds ores or other rare resources, or give some form of advantage to the player will generally cause instability.
      • Pages like Dense Ores, Diamond Ore Block, etc. *may* create a lot of instability.
As a quick counter example, "void world, dense ores, diamond ore block, obelisks" will not. Since it is void, there is no stone to be turned into ores by dense ores; since there is no land, there are no obelisks. It is not that these pages generate instability, it is the effect in the world.
      • Ages with Acceleration will cause instability, because it makes farms more efficient.
      • Ages with Bright Lighting will cause instability, because they are easier to mine in.

All of these things will cause Instability (via Greed), and possibly lead to Decay.

  • However, pages that intentionally make the age more dangerous actually add some base stability to the Age. Examples of these pages are “Lightning” “Scorched Surface” or “Random Explosions”, some mods will even add materials that are dangerous enough to qualify for this effect.

Remember, instability is not automatically decay. Early instability effects are almost always surface status effects. A cave world, with glowstone, and bright lighting, might not have any noticeable effect inside the cave itself.

Age Templates

Overworld Clone:

Stone Block ➡ Water Block ➡ Standard World,
Native Biome Controller,
Normal Lighting, Normal Weather,
Yellow Color ➡ Red Color ➡ Sunset Color ➡ ,
Full Length, Rising Phase, East Direction ➡ Normal Sun,
White Color ➡ Blue Color ➡ Sunset Color,
Full Length, Setting Phase, East Direction ➡ Normal Moon,
White Color, Full Length, East Direction ➡ Normal Stars,
Natural Cloud Color,
Natural Fog Color,
Natural Sky Color,
Natural Foliage Color,
Natural Grass Color,
Natural Water Color,
Blue Color ➡ Black Color ➡ Black Color ➡ Night Sky Color,
Caves, Ravines, Mineshafts, Strongholds, Villages, Dungeons,
Water Block ➡ Surface Lakes, Lava Block ➡ Deep Lakes

XComp's Notes

  • "Some symbols function as modifiers for other modifiers" (ex. Red Color can mix with other colors, Half Length with other lengths, North Direction with other directions, etc).
  • "Modifiers come before the symbol they modify"
  • "Incomplete age descriptions will be parsed by the universe (following the grammar) and then further expanded"
    • "This is similar to if you provided the words "red" "dog" "ball" and the universe expanded it to "The red dog plays with the ball". The grammar expansion is random, and may take different expansions: "The red car narrowly missed the dog chasing the green ball" is an equally valid expansion."
  • "Not fully satisfying the grammar won't produce instability directly. The symbols added by the grammar might, however."

Version Compatibility

  • The grammar system above is current for Mystcraft Versions 0.12 through Current (Latest Builds)