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Especially right now, as the wiki is fresh, and whenever XComp rolls out a new Mystcraft version deserving of of a new namespace (see: Wiki Structure), there will be missing pages. Do not be afraid to create these!

Namespace Versions with Missing Pages

When a new version namespace is created, generally the pages from the previous version will still be in use. The easiest way to create the new version of the page is to copy the old page source, paste it into the new page, and modify it to match the current version. Don't worry too much about being 100% accurate, as wikis are intended to be collaborative, and errors should be fixed over time.

New Pages from scratch

Since the Mystcraft wiki is designed to support tracking content for multiple versions of the mod, we have borrowed/cloned/stolen the approach as used by the Dwarf Fortress wiki. As such, every page must start with the template: {{av}}. The {{av}} template creates the header box at the top of the page which allows switching between mod versions when looking at a page.

When making a new page, just fill in whatever information you know. Try to be as accurate as you can, and double check things where possible, but don't worry about being perfect. If you aren't sure, mark the information with the {{verify}} template and the community can work together to ensure the validity of the information.