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When structuring this wiki, we've borrowed a number of concepts from the Dwarf Fortress wiki. Most importantly, all content pages exist within a mod version namespace.

See v0.13:Test for a small sandbox test example.


You can think of each content page (say Getting Started) as having multiple versions of that page. Each "important" version of the mod gets its own version of every page.

Whenever a version has significant enough changes, a new namespace version will be created.

Browsing a version

Whenever you first enter the mod content pages, the wiki will try to put you on the most recent version's page. Failing that, it will put you on the page of the newest version that exists for that page.

Once you are looking at a page, you can quickly switch between mod versions using the header box at the top of the page. This will display the version you are currently looking at and provide links to the other versions of the page. It visually indicates if they exist, as well.

When clicking on content links in a page, you will be taken to the page for the current version (namespace) you are in. If it doesn't exist, the wiki will try to find a version which does.

Adding Links when editing

When adding links to other content pages, don't include the namespace (in most cases). Otherwise you will break the magical redirects.
Only include the namespace if you really want to specifically reference a particular version, which you should not normally do in content pages.