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This article is about the current version of Mystcraft.

Commands in Mystcraft are advanced features activated by typing certain strings of text into the console. Their use is usually restricted to Ops of some level.


Usage: /myst-agebook [Dimension-ID] 

spawns a Descriptive Book for the specified Age, if a Mystcraft age already exists with that Dimension ID. Note that in vanilla Minecraft, the Overworld is Dim 0, The Nether is Dim -1 and The End is Dim 1, so assuming you have no other mods creating ages for you, your first age should be Age 2.

If you're not certain which ages you have, your ages can be found in your /.minecraft/saves/<world name>/data/ folder, in the style of 'agedata_<x>.dat', where <x> is your age's Dimension ID.

If no age is specified, it attempts to create a descriptive book for the dimension you're currently in.


Usage: /myst-create <Dimension ID> 

Creates a new, completely randomised Mystcraft age in the specified dimension. if a dimension already exists for that ID (that is, if Mystcraft or any other mod has registered a dimension there) then it will error out with the warning "Failed to register dimension for id <x>, One is already registered".


Usage: /myst-permissions <player> <restrict|permit> <entry|depart> <all|dimid> 

Used to specify whether a given player can enter or leave a given dimension. For example, using the command '/myst-permissions <your name> restrict entry all' will make you unable to use any linking books - their panels will appear greyed out. Similarly, using /myst-permissions <your name> restrict depart 0' will make you unable to use linking books in the Overworld - but if you take them to The Nether or The End, they'll work just fine.

This can be used to create prison ages - if you restrict departure from an age, then unless they have another way out such as a star fissure or another mod's teleporter, that player will be stuck there.


Usage: /myst-regenchunk <radius> <dimension id> <chunk x, chunk z>

resets a chunk to its original state when the dimension was first created. Defaults to the chunk you're standing in, with a radius of 3.

'radius' is how many chunks in each direction get regenerated.

Dimension is which dimension or age to regenerate chunks in.

Note: This command will not work unless the age is currently loaded - that is, if there's someone standing in it. (Does it work with chunkloaders? Some testing may be needed)

chunk x/chunk z - the coordinates of the chunk you wish to regenerate. Defaults to the chunk you're standing in. To find out the chunk-coordinates, take the coordinates of the chunk you wish to regenerate and divide them by 16.


usage: /myst-reprofile [dimension ID]

(re)Profiles the instability level of the specified mystcraft dimension. If you've changed the instability levels in the configuration files for Mystcraft, and the instability levels don't seem to have changed to match, you'll want to run this command. If no Dimension ID is given, it attempts to reprofile the age you're currently in.


An alias of /myst-twi.

Usage: /myst-toggleworldinstability [Dimension ID] 

turns on or off all instability effects for a given dimension, or if no dimension is specified, it attempts to do it for the dimension you're currently standing in.


/tpx is works identically to the /tp command in vanilla Minecraft, except it permits teleportation between dimensions.

Usage: /tpx [subject:player] <target:player | target:dim [x y z]>

subject:player is the player who will be teleported. It defaults to yourself if left blank. Must be specified if target:player is specified.

target:player is the player to which subject:player will be teleported. May only be used if subject:player is specified.

target:dim is the dimension ID of the dimension you will be teleporting to.

x y z are the x, y, and z coordinates you will be teleporting to.


/myst-dbg is used for many useful commands, including marking an age for deletion, reading and editing instability values, and more.

Mark Age for Deletion

Usage: /myst-dbg run ages agedata_# experimental mark_dead

# is the dimension ID of the Age you would like to overwrite, and you must be present in that Age in order for this command to work. The Age will be marked "dead" and will be overwritten when a new Age is created.

Check Instability Values

Usage: /myst-dbg read ages agedata_# instability <blocks_total | bonus_total | book | debug | symbols | total>

# is the dimension ID of the Age you would like to check. Choose only one instability source from within the brackets, and the instability contributed by that source will be printed in the command console.

Check Instability Sources

Usage: /myst-dbg read ages agedata_# instability <blocks | bonus>

# is the dimension ID of the Age you would like to check. Choose only one instability source from within the brackets, and all of the instability sources in that category that are present in the Age will be printed in the command console.

Other usage

It is possible to "explore" what the debug command can provide using the tab completion. Pressing tab will automatically complete the current step with the next best match. Pressing it again will cycle to the next possible match, eventually looping around. If multiple matches are available, they will be displayed in the chat box. However, the autocompletion does not take into account if the read, set, or run instruction is valid for the item.

entry Type Description
global Global information not pertaining to any specific age
global profiler file_output bool (read, set) If true, profiler results for ages will be written to file (logs/profiling/)
global profilerqueue size number (read) Provides the current number of chunks to be profiled
data Stored data and baseline information
data instability_calc freevals <block name> number (read) Amount of instability score from specific blocks which is ignored
data instability_calc profiled <block name> number (read) Average density profiled for block in baseline profiler
data instability_calc profiled_chunks number (read) Number of chunks profiled in baseline profiler
ages Section for age-related information (only appears when ages are loaded)
ages <agedata_#> experimental mark_dead verb (run) Flags the dimension as to be recycled. Cannot be undone. Dead dimensions are recycled when a new dimension needs to be created.
ages <agedata_#> instability <blocks_total | bonus_total | book | symbols | total> number (read) Instability numbers
ages <agedata_#> instability <blocks | bonus> <name> number (read) Instability numbers for specific items
ages <agedata_#> instability debug number (read, set) Artificial instability (can be negative; is not saved)
ages <agedata_#> profiled_chunks number (read) Total number of chunks profiled in this age