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This article is about the current version of Mystcraft.

Mystcraft adds several Items, mostly related to Writing and Linking to Ages.


Linking Books and Descriptive Books allow for transport across (and sometimes within) dimensions (( see talk page )). They will take damage if dropped on the ground, can be protected from this damage with a Book Stand or Lectern, and does not follow the user linking with it.

Linking and Descriptive Books can be opened by right-clicking while holding one in the Player's hand. The Age the book links to can be entered by clicking on the Linking Panel inside the book, however, the book will drop from the Player's inventory when they teleport. As a book lays on the ground, it will slowly accumulate damage that cannot be repaired. This can be avoided by placing the book inside a Book Stand. The Book Stand can be right-clicked with a book to place the book inside, and an occupied Book Stand can be right-clicked to open the book to click the Linking Panel.

Descriptive Books

Descriptive books are created by binding a Link Panel Page, a piece of leather and any Pages the player chooses to add in if any. These items may be bound together using the Book Binder. When used the player will be sent into the Age and if not previously used by another player, the Age will generate. Information on creating Ages according to the player's specifications can be found here.

Book Binder

An item used to make Descriptive Books by binding a Link Panel Page and potential Pages using a piece of leather.

Linking Book

Linking books are created by holding an Unlinked Link Book in the hand and right-clicking with it. The link created permanently captures both the link location and the direction the user is facing when the link is created.

File:Unlinked link book recipe.png
Crafting Recipe for Unlinked Link books.


Ink is a key element of mystcraft that allows for the duplication of discovered Pages and the creation of Link Panel Pages for usage in descriptive books and linking books.

Ink Vial

Ink vials are used in both the Ink Mixer and Writing Desk.

File:Ink vial.png
Crafting Recipe for Ink Vials.

Ink Mixer

The ink mixer is used to make Link Panel Pages by adding an Ink Vial and paper.

File:Ink mixer.png
Crafting Recipe for the Ink Mixer.

Black Ink

The liquid form of ink that can be created through the use of other mods or cleaver age writing to be bottled into ink vials for use.


Folders are items that hold and organize Pages. Pages stored in any type of folder can be searched using the search bar and sorted alphabetically. Folders can be stored in a writing desk for convenience.

Collation Folder

The basic folder that can hold pages

File:Collation folder recipe.png
Crafting Recipe for the Collation Folder.

Symbol Portfolio

A slightly more expensive version of the Collation Folder, however unlike the Collation Folder, duplicate Pages inside a symbol portfolio will stack.

File:Portfolio recipe.png
Crafting Recipe for the Portfolio.


Book Stands and lecterns are blocks used to hold Linking Books and Descriptive Books to display them and keep them from degrading.

Book Stand

A simple Book Stand

Crafting Recipe for the Book Stand.


A nicer, sleeker, more professional looking Book Stand

File:Lectern recipe.png
Crafting Recipe for the Lectern.