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This article is about the current version of Mystcraft.

Linking is a form of teleportation between Ages. (and other dimensions)



Players respawn in the age they're currently in. Meaning players who die with their only way out could be trapped in the age with no obvious way back to the Overworld. The player will then need to start searching for a Star Fissure either in the current age or by writing links to new Ages.


All links are one way, taking players from one location to another with no way back. This means players will need to ensure that they have a way back before using any form of link. This should come as a combination of carrying a Linking Book as well as one or more books on Stands inside the age, especially around the spawn area.

Book Fragility

Books dropped after a link are vulnerable to damage, including water and rain damage. Stands will protect from damage, but are still vulnerable to explosions.


Disarm Linking Panels can be created in the Ink Mixer, whether intentionally or when attempting to gain other Effects. Linking through a Disarm panel will cause all held items to be dropped on the ground, including Linking Books.

When looking at a Linking Panel, it will have a tooltip showing its current Effects. When looking at a book in world, a Disarm panel can be detected by waiting for a red lightning effect to appear over the Linking Panel.



By default, links will only work between two separate dimensions. Attempting to use a link that leads to a dimension from inside that same dimension will fail.

The Intra Linking panel effect will allow for a link to work even if used from the same dimension it leads to.


Books are used to link to new Ages, as well as returning to already visited Ages.


Pressing the Use button with a book in hand will open the book. When looking at an open book clicking the corners will turn pages. Clicking on a Linking Panel in the book will initiate a link, if possible.


When linking from a book in the player's inventory, the book will fall to the floor and be left behind. When laying on the floor the book can take damage and be destroyed like a normal mob. Books laying in Water or caught in the rain will take additional damage.

Using a dropped book will open the book, at which point it can be used or moved to the player's inventory. Sneaking while pressing the Use button will move the book to the player's selected hotbar slot, if empty.


To display books and protect them from damage, put them in either a Book Stand or a Lectern.

Crystal Portals

Crystal portals are created using Crystal blocks in almost any connected configuration, and a Book Receptacle are placed in the world, and an Age Book or Linking Book are placed into the slot.

Portals follow the same rules as link books and age books, but also allow the transport of entities other than the player themselves.

For the technical details of portals, please see this video by XCompWiz.

Star Fissures

Star Fissures are a Small Feature, see Symbols#World_Feature, that can appear near the initial spawn point of an Age. They consist of a large tear in the world, extending from the height limit to bedrock, carving out any blocks or terrain that would have otherwise generated.

At the bedrock layer the Star Fissure itself can be found. This rift appears similar to the End Portal but when entered instead transports all entities to the Overworld spawn point.

They can be used to escape an age if no other methods are available or for quick transport to the Overworld.



The /tpx command can be used to teleport, much like the /tp command. The difference is the /tpx command includes ability to specify the dimension id of your destination.

See Commands#.2Ftpx for more information and usage.