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This article is about the current version of Mystcraft.
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A Star Fissure is a rift in time and space in Mystcraft Ages which tears a hole from the surface of the world to a starry expanse at bedrock level. Any entity that touches the bottom of a Star Fissure will be linked to the Overworld spawn point.

Star Fissures are the only non-cheating option for trapped players to return to the Overworld, though they are relatively rare. Only ages that have the Star Fissure symbol will contain them.

Location within an Age

In any age that has one, the Star Fissure will show up near the age's spawn point. Using a minimap, fissures appear as transparent holes on the map, making locating a fissure very easy. However, since players often cannot see the stars at the bottom of a fissure from the surface, Star Fissures can be difficult to identify and find in Skylands ages.

Generating an Age with a Fissure

A player who has lost access to the Overworld can attempt to write or randomly find an age that has a Star Fissure. One can generate random ages by finding Sugar Cane, wood, and Feathers somewhere in their current age in order to make another Descriptive Book in an attempt to move to an age that does have a Star Fissure. When doing this, it is generally a good idea to stock up on supplies before moving as some ages do not have these materials readily available. Using an age with resources as a hub and keeping linking books to it can greatly aid the search.